Portable USB LP Player for Apple Mac.
Copy all your old vinyl LPs to a Mac using our USB equipped portable turntable.

Once the tracks are on your Mac's hard drive, you'll be able to burn them onto a regular audio CD, upload the tracks to your iPod or mobile phone, or just keep them in your music library on the Mac's hard drive.

Kit contains all the equipment, software and printed instructions required.

Using this portable USB turntable you can:

Finally transfer your precious LPs to your Mac

Remove scratches & background noise from the tracks.

Save captured tracks to MP3 files with artist & title info tags

Burn imported files onto regular audio CDs that play in any CD player.

Capture in high quality uncompressed Wav & MP3 formats

(Please respect copyright)

Kit Includes:

USB 33rpm Turntable

Mini USB Lead

Printed instructions

Video guide.

Software DVD


Software included:

Audacity: The best audio capture & editing tool available, for OSX 10.6.8 to Mojave OSX 10.14.2 on Intel Macs. Export as WAV or MP3.

Audio CD Maker: audio CD writing application - lets you burn the captured .wav files to regular audio CDs, tested with OSX 10.6.8 to Mojave OSX 10.14.2 on Intel Macs. Compatible with Macs with internal DVD drives & most external USB DVD/CD writers.

Why risk sending your precious LPs away by post?

The software we provide does a superb job of removing any scratches and pops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What RPM speeds can the portable USB turntable operate at?
A. It only plays records at 33 rpm, the regular speed required to play an LP album.

Q. How about if I want to record some singles that require 45rpm speed?
A. Our video tutorial shows you how to record them at 33rpm & then correct them using the Audacity software.

Q. How good is the audio capture software you supply with the kit?
A. It's the best package available for this job. It's used by more people worldwide than any other.

Q. Does recording happen in real time? How long does it take?
A. Yes. Recording 30 minutes of music to your Mac takes 30 minutes. Separating tracks 10 minutes. Burning to CD 10 minutes.

Q. My Mac doesn't have a DVD drive, how do I load the software & watch the video tutorial?
A. We also provide a digital download link printed on the rear of the paper DVD sleeve.

Q. Can I remove unwanted noise from the recordings I make?
A. Yes, quite easily. Watch this short YouTube video demonstration we made.

Q. Is it easy to split the LP recording into separate tracks?
A. Yes. This Youtube video demonstration shows you how to manually split the whole LP into separate MP3 or CD tracks.

Q. Where can I get some free Cloud storage for my captured audio tracks?
A. You can get 5GB of Mac-friendly storage from both Google and Amazon.

Q. Does the turntable work with all versions of Mac OSX?
A. Yes. We've personally tested it with 10.6.8 through to Mojave OSX 10.14.2 (tested 11/12/2018 )

Q. What's the minimum spec Mac I need?
A. It must be an Intel Mac that's less than seven years old.

Q. How will I know how to use the software & turntable?
A. We've included clear printed instructions & a video tutorial you can watch as often as you need.

Q. Can I buy Turntable-2-Mac at my local computer shop?
A. No. We only supply Turntable-2-Mac direct from this site, Amazon & eBay.
Read our Amazon reviews and 10000+ positive eBay feedbacks.

We've tested the turntable with an iMac G5 from 2009 running Mojave OSX 10.14.2 - If you need help & advice you can call us on 01565 640739 or email tim@trcomputers.co.uk. We've also personally created the included instructions, video tutorial and download package.

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USB Vinyl LP Turntable for Mac
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